An Affordable Ethical Christmas List From The Future Kept

I started following The Future Kept on Instagram a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of my favourite feeds to follow. They are always posting super beautiful photos of all the dreamy products they have curated for their online shop and the enviable collection of plant life they have in their home. 

Run by Jeska & Dean Hearne and based in East Sussex U.K, The Future Kept is an online shop that really touches the heart of what I believe slow living is. They have collected together a truly wonderful selection of products from independent designers and makers with a view to inspiring people to buy less and buy better. 

Their "about us" page fills me with joy and happiness. Every time I see a small business taking the time and energy to go against the grain and create something that helps people to make more conscious, conscientious decisions with their consumption I feel like doing a little happy dance. 

With Christmas ever so quickly approaching and the pressure rising to go out and buy loads of crap that eventually ends up adding to the huge pile of waste that we as humans create every year, we all need a bit of help finding presents for loved ones that will add value to their lives. Things that will be loved for years to come. That will be both beautiful and useful. And that won't kill your bank account (God only knows trying to be ethical can sometimes feel like a luxury reserved few of us can afford).

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

With this quote in mind, I think we can all make small steps towards a more ethical Christmas this year.

So, I thought I'd share with you twenty amazing items you can find over at The Future Kept that would make truly lovely, affordable, ethical gifts for your loved ones this year. 

Affordable Ethical Christmas gifts the future kept
  1. Kintsugi Organic Beard Oil - £16  
  2. Chevron Fouta Towel Grey - £30

  3. White Concrete Planter, Medium - £20

  4. British Made Herringbone Red Stripe Throw - £49

  5. The Nomad Society Soy Candle, Wanderlust - £15

  6. Moroccan Rose Bath Salts - £8

  7. Hand Poured Scented Tea-light Set - £7

  8. Ritual Ceramic Cup - £28

  9. House Of Plants - £18

  10. 2017 Wall Calendar, Tattoo Lady A2 - £18

  11. Organic Beauty Travel Set - £39

  12. Fine Lambswool Mittens Grey - £34

  13. Ritual Ceramic Bowl - £32

  14. Uashmama Purse, Gold - £9

  15. Wild Juniper Face and Beard Oil - £25

  16. Mountain Ceramic Coffee Dripper - £35

  17. Living With Plants - £16

  18. Mountain Ceramic Mug - £25

  19. Calm Balm - £10

  20. British Made Recycled Wool Throw - £16


I hope this list inspires you to buy more conscious, thoughtful gifts this year that come with the happy knowledge that you are supporting ethical, cruelty-free practices and small independent businesses. 

Do you know any other amazing ethical businesses? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message on my social media channels below. 

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As of publishing, all items were in stock except for the Ritual Bowl and Cup which will be back in stock on Friday 9th. This post is in no way sponsored by or in association with The Future Kept I just love what they are doing and want to share that with you.