An Ethical Christmas List Part 3: Independent Ceramics

Is anyone else doing last minute Christmas present shopping?

I'm definitely not fully on top of the whole presents thing this year. I'm busy trying to buy presents for people I don't know too well or have very particular tastes all whilst trying to shop consciously and ethically. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect, I have bought a few things off amazon recently (please forgive me). 

Last week I wrote about the amazing people & products over at The Future Kept and this week I've found some great ceramics that if you're quick you can still get your hands on before Christmas.

I went to the Independent Ceramics Market hosted by The Hackney Flea Market last week and found amongst the throngs of people some lovely independent ceramicists.

There were too many stalls to choose from, I could have spent all my monies on all the things.

But, here are the ones that stood out the most to me. Check them out if you're looking for some last minute present ideas.

Melisa Dora  

I purchased this beautiful hand poured fig and cassis candle from Melisa in an equally beautiful handmade ceramic vessel that can be used long after the candle is gone! I love it so much I decided it would be a Christmas present to myself (that's a thing right?).

aliyah hussain jewellery

Aliyah Hussain

Aliyah makes these really unique pieces of jewellery that I love and they are SO affordable. She has a few of her necklaces in stock online and you can see if any of her stockists are near you on her website.

She also has lovely, enviable branding!

Miyu Kurihara

Regretfully I didn't actually buy anything from Miyu but I love her pieces. These lovely painted plates and also adorable ceramic brooches. All very unique and individual. They would make really nice little presents.


I hope this helped give you some ideas for your last minute Christmas Shopping!


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Until next time, go wildly & slow



An Ethical Christmas List Part 2: Foraged Decorations

It's 11 days till Christmas and my tree is up! 

That is absolutely unheard of in my house. Growing up we'd always get the tree a few days before Christmas eve and put the decorations up together. I don't remember ever doing it before we broke up for Christmas holidays. But this year I've been enjoying slowly gathering lots of bits and pieces and decorating the house a little more mindfully.

On Saturday afternoon I dragged a pretty little tree home from Brixton, huffing and puffing all the way. Had I not also picked up three rather cumbersome branches that were being thrown away by the guys I bought it from I probably would have been fine but I arrived home rather sweaty and seriously questioning my sanity. 

It was worth it though because I managed to make my first ever wreath, all from things I foraged in my local area.

I have three really easy Christmas decorations you can make that are all ethical and don't have any crappy plastic!

Foraged Wreaths

I made this wreath without a frame, the base is made from ivy vines stripped and twisted into (almost) a circle.

I then clipped the pine branches the tree guys gave me. Using just the bendy ends not the main branch I wound them around the ivy vines. I had to use a little string to attach them at the top but nothing else. 

I went out that same evening at dusk and clipped some holy (the ivy vines) and some other branches and vines I found around in the park.

These I just pushed the pine branches through and made sure they were stuck into the base vines. 

Finally, I added some dried oranges (how-to below) and a piece of ribbon I already had at home. 

It's amazing the things you can find when you look around. I'm always surprised by how much nature the centre of London has to offer.

If you've never been out gathering and foraging don't be nervous. As long as you are respectful to both nature and people's front gardens you'll have no problems!

DIY Christmas wreath
I made this slightly less traditional, asymmetrical wreath for inside in very much the same way

I made this slightly less traditional, asymmetrical wreath for inside in very much the same way

Dried Orange Slices

Another first for me was drying orange slices.

They are incredibly easy and make for a stunning, easy way to decorate I tied some to my wreath with string and I've also hung some on my tree and all over the house. They smell amazing and look really lovely.

All you need to do is cut a few oranges (I also used a grapefruit) into slices about 1/2 an inch thick and pop them on wire oven racks. Put them in the oven for 2-3 hrs at about 70 degrees celsius. 

Check they aren't going too brown although I really like them a little bit brown around the edges.

Ethical Christmas decorations

Paper Snowflakes

I know paper snowflakes are a little bit tacky, so forgive me because I love them. 

I use brown packaging paper that is recyclable and you can always keep them for next year if you're careful with them.

There are plenty of guides and templates on Pinterest for how to cut them. If you head to my Pinterest and follow my Christmas Making board you can see some. Once you've got the idea with one or two that you like it's really easy to improvise a little.

A little tip, use a craft knife if you've got one to avoid bruising your thumb with the scissors!

Paper Snowflakes Dried Oranges

I hope this inspires you to get a little crafty this Christmas. It only takes a little extra effort and time.

I suggest getting a glass of mulled wine or a hot chocolate and settling down with Netflix on in the background for an evening of Christmas making.

Let me know how you get on in the comments or through the buttons below.

Until then, go wildly & slow


An Affordable Ethical Christmas List From The Future Kept

I started following The Future Kept on Instagram a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of my favourite feeds to follow. They are always posting super beautiful photos of all the dreamy products they have curated for their online shop and the enviable collection of plant life they have in their home. 

Run by Jeska & Dean Hearne and based in East Sussex U.K, The Future Kept is an online shop that really touches the heart of what I believe slow living is. They have collected together a truly wonderful selection of products from independent designers and makers with a view to inspiring people to buy less and buy better. 

Their "about us" page fills me with joy and happiness. Every time I see a small business taking the time and energy to go against the grain and create something that helps people to make more conscious, conscientious decisions with their consumption I feel like doing a little happy dance. 

With Christmas ever so quickly approaching and the pressure rising to go out and buy loads of crap that eventually ends up adding to the huge pile of waste that we as humans create every year, we all need a bit of help finding presents for loved ones that will add value to their lives. Things that will be loved for years to come. That will be both beautiful and useful. And that won't kill your bank account (God only knows trying to be ethical can sometimes feel like a luxury reserved few of us can afford).

If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

With this quote in mind, I think we can all make small steps towards a more ethical Christmas this year.

So, I thought I'd share with you twenty amazing items you can find over at The Future Kept that would make truly lovely, affordable, ethical gifts for your loved ones this year. 

Affordable Ethical Christmas gifts the future kept
  1. Kintsugi Organic Beard Oil - £16  
  2. Chevron Fouta Towel Grey - £30

  3. White Concrete Planter, Medium - £20

  4. British Made Herringbone Red Stripe Throw - £49

  5. The Nomad Society Soy Candle, Wanderlust - £15

  6. Moroccan Rose Bath Salts - £8

  7. Hand Poured Scented Tea-light Set - £7

  8. Ritual Ceramic Cup - £28

  9. House Of Plants - £18

  10. 2017 Wall Calendar, Tattoo Lady A2 - £18

  11. Organic Beauty Travel Set - £39

  12. Fine Lambswool Mittens Grey - £34

  13. Ritual Ceramic Bowl - £32

  14. Uashmama Purse, Gold - £9

  15. Wild Juniper Face and Beard Oil - £25

  16. Mountain Ceramic Coffee Dripper - £35

  17. Living With Plants - £16

  18. Mountain Ceramic Mug - £25

  19. Calm Balm - £10

  20. British Made Recycled Wool Throw - £16


I hope this list inspires you to buy more conscious, thoughtful gifts this year that come with the happy knowledge that you are supporting ethical, cruelty-free practices and small independent businesses. 

Do you know any other amazing ethical businesses? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message on my social media channels below. 

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As of publishing, all items were in stock except for the Ritual Bowl and Cup which will be back in stock on Friday 9th. This post is in no way sponsored by or in association with The Future Kept I just love what they are doing and want to share that with you.