The First Step on my Slow Living Journey

A recent trip to Edinburgh, as the seasons changed from summer to autumn, was so beautiful and so very necessary after an intensely hectic, fast and stressful summer. Just 5 days in the smaller, slower, quieter setting of Edinburgh gave me a chance to let all the crazy of summer settle down. 

I've been thinking about starting this project since I set off on my last big adventure, almost a year ago now. I even did an online course for blogging newbies. I felt inspired, excited and a little bit scared but as always life managed to get in the way and I put it on the back-burner for a little while.

Well, Edinburgh gave me the time to think a little more seriously about diving into the world of blogging for real.

For a while, I've thought that it would be great to have a platform to share some of my thoughts and stories about the way I travel and live. That is, a little slower than your average, with an emphasis on taking the time to notice the moments and listen to my body.

Hopefully, there are some people out there who will be inspired by some of the stories I pick up along the way.  

Pentland Hills, Edinburgh 

Pentland Hills, Edinburgh 

As I'm currently not travelling, (fingers crossed not for long) I thought I'd start with the idea of 'slow living' in its many forms - ethical living, conscious living, voluntary simplicity or downshifting. Mostly I don't have a definition for what it is. But the concept of it is attractive to me, I have always loved the idea of slowing down and valuing the quiet moments in an ever-busier world.

It's something that has been an important part of the way I travel since I first got the travel bug when I was 18.  But now I'm discovering what it means to implement that into living my life more slowly not just when I'm travelling.

So, here it is, my first step into this new and slightly bewildering experience.

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