Baking Sourdough Pizza at E5 Bakehouse

Last month Nik and I went to belatedly celebrate his birthday by taking a sourdough Pizza baking class at the E5 Bakehouse in Hackney. It was such a great evening and something I highly recommend trying out. 

I've seen lots of small cottage industry businesses like the E5 Bakehouse offering workshops and classes on all sorts of different activities and I really love it. I was particularly attracted to the idea of a sourdough pizza class as we both love us some sourdough pizza and I'm really eager to learn how to bake sourdough bread but I didn't feel ready to tackle a full on bread class (which they also offer). 

Photo credit: E5 Bakehouse

Photo credit: E5 Bakehouse

How does it work?

You spend the first hour and a half learning what sourdough is and how to use it whilst making your own dough. We had a lovely guy named Luke teaching us, he had a wealth of knowledge on all things sourdough and a calm, relaxed way of teaching. The class size is small which was great and there was plenty of time for asking questions. 

After you've learned all the things and made your own pizzas you spend the last hour or so eating the products of your labour and drinking really great beer from the Kernel Brewery (a local London brewery). At the end of the night you go home with some pizza dough, all the recipes from the evening, and your own sourdough starter.

Since coming home with my sourdough starter I've been thinking about how sourdough as a process is really representative of slow living. When you're baking bread this way you can't be in a hurry, you just have to be present because there is certainly nothing fast about the process. 

Photo Credit: E5 Bakehouse

Photo Credit: E5 Bakehouse

Have you thought about gifting an experience over a product? This was a first for me and I was a little nervous that it might not be that great. I was wrong. And now I'm really into it (maybe it comes down to my love of quality time).

As the (dare I say it) festive season is upon us and we start thinking about gifts for loved ones I'll be looking out for unique ways to gift people experiences instead of stuff. 

If you've got any ideas for good experience gifts please let me know in the comments or through the internets.