Surviving The Changing Seasons: Rest, Reflect, Retreat

I always find this time of year quite difficult for a number of reasons. The changing seasons mess with my body and make me feel constantly tired and pretty grumpy. The cold gets into my bones and I feel a good 40 years older than I am. And the growing darkness, that reminds me winter is coming, can cause me to retreat into my head and my bed and vow not to come out until spring.

Whilst this urge can be really unhealthy, and often I'll find I haven't spoken to another human being for far too long, I think there's some benefit in listening to my body and taking the time, as the seasons shift, to rest and reflect.

I think retreating can be the perfect precursor to handle a new season if it is done in a purposeful and positive way.

Retreating at L'abri, Hampshire

Retreating at L'abri, Hampshire

This year I did a little bit of hibernating in my bed with tea and a good book but I also made sure to get out of bed and find nice quiet places to reflect on the past season whilst looking forward. to the next

I'm sure loads of people struggle with this too so here are some of the ways I rest, reflect and retreat when the urge to hibernate takes over.

  • Leave the city and get outdoors - At the beginning of summer this year I spent a few days at the amazing L'Abri Fellowship in Hampshire and this weekend I went on a  two-day retreat with a group of creatives in Otford, Kent. The beauty of the countryside gave me plenty of space and time to walk whilst appreciating the wonderful changes in the surrounding nature that I so often miss living in the city.
  • Take some time off to reflect - If, like me, you know the seasonal shift messes with your mind and body then plan for it. This month I had a few unplanned weeks off from work and I am so thankful for them it gave me the chance to reflect on the last few months and make plans for the rest of the year. If I had known I would've booked a few days in one of the amazing places on offer at Canopy & Stars
  • Make time to rest and relax - As the seasons change (especially from summer to autumn) it is natural that our bodies and minds need some time to adjust. I find it really important to carve out space to rest and relax. Whatever it is you do to relax ensure you are giving yourself space for that. I recently went on a sourdough pizza making class (blog to come soon) with Nik that I found so fun. It was a great way to unwind and relax. 

Do you struggle with the changing seasons too? What do you do to keep yourself healthy and resist the temptation to hibernate? Let me know below or through the internets...