Silencing Comparison and self doubt

Is it just me or does January just drag on and on? The slight whisper of more light and longer days give you a glimmer of hope but still, the sun sets early, it's cold, dark and very grey and it never seems to end. 

I started January with the promise to myself of more adventure. Small adventures though they might be I was determined to embrace them and make time for them. The month started strong with trips to the countryside and the beach but as I got settled back into work and life took over I grew ever more exhausted and reluctant to leave the house.

At the beginning of last month, I also promised myself I'd carve out time to continue being creative, writing, and taking photos. Then somehow, three whole weeks flew by without a blog post and with barely any time to take photos (due largely to the complete lack of light) I was feeling uninspired and a bit blue. 

Honestly, I started beating myself up a bit about not being consistent with blogging and started comparing myself to other people in the blogging world. Eventually, that lovely voice inside of me started saying "Nonki you're not good enough, you're not consistent enough, you're not talented enough, you don't work hard enough" and all that other rubbish.

First signs of new growth at Greenwich Park, London

First signs of new growth at Greenwich Park, London

We all have that voice right? And we all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to our peers and the people who we perceive as more successful or better than us. 

If you have the tendency to let that voice take over and to compare yourself to others I have a few words of encouragement for you:

You can shout louder than doubt 

If you consistently tell yourself you are worthy and valuable you will stop believing the voice that tells you you're not good enough. Make your positive voice louder than any other voice.

Your contribution is enough

Even small steps towards your end goal are moving you forward. Whatever you are contributing to push yourself forward is enough and it is meaningful. 

Your voice is valuable

It can feel like your contribution is just adding to the noise or like there's no space for it but remember that your story and your truth are unique to you and that makes them of value. 

If I repeat these ideas to myself I find I can silence the voice in my head that gets me all bitter and twisted and I find myself celebrating others instead of feeling smaller than them and not good enough.

I hope this encourages you too. And I hope it encourages me, so I don't feel too paralysed to create because I really love it and ultimately it brings me joy.

What do you do when you feel down or you start doubting yourself to keep your creativity flowing?

Let me know in the comments or on my social media channels.