Go Wildly & Slow February: Self-care as an act of resistance

I can't believe it's the 16th of February! I've been super busy and got struck down with a cold twice in the last few weeks. Pretty much the whole month of February has passed me by!

But, better late than never I'm thinking about my focus for going a little slower this month. It has of course been a pretty hectic month already. I'm three months into a new job, working in a new area of London and I'm spending way more time on the tube than I would wish on my worst enemy.

As a result, my self-care routine is pretty non-existant. Gone are the days when I would make my own homemade moisturiser and hair conditioner. 

I'm thinking this month (or 2 weeks really) as the weather is not looking likely to brighten up anytime soon I will brighten myself up with some self-care. 

One of the girls I follow on Instagram said "self-care is warfare. Showing yourself love is an act of resistance".

I think that rings so true in this day and age when everywhere we look we're being told we're not enough.

Especially at this time of year, when all the ridiculous beach body adverts start popping up. Have you seen the "can you keep up with the Kardashians?" advert yet? It gives me an instant cluster headache every time I see it. Who even thinks of these horrendous ad campaigns? 

self-care self-love

If like me you're feeling the end of winter blues and life has taken a bit of turn for the hectic here are a couple of things to try to help slow down over the next few weeks.

Go Slow

  1. Have early nights - This is obvious! But I always watch just one more episode on Netflix or scroll endlessly on Insta.
  2. Charge my phone downstairs! - I've been trying to make this a habit for a lifetime but I really want to kick the terrible habit of sleeping with my phone by my bed.
  3. Wake up early (break up with the snooze button)- There's a theme here but basically good quality sleep is lacking in my life right now and I need it back.
  4. Dance around the kitchen to a favourite song - Because nobody does this enough
  5. Paint your nails - I haven't done this for so long and I forgot how much I enjoy it. But if that's not your thing do one thing that is just for you, that makes you happy.

I think self-care is really important especially in this crazy time that we live in. Personally, I feel physically exhausted by all the heinous things going on in our world. I feel it is more necessary now to first look after myself, to ensure I am strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit in order to wake up every day and face the world.

In our times to practice self-love is an act of resistance and defiance.

As usual, I'm sharing Go Wildly & Slow moments over on Instagram with #gowildlyandslow. Join me by tagging your shots, I love seeing all your snaps.

N x