Go wildly & slow: January

December came and went incredibly fast. I feel like I blinked and Christmas was here and now it's gone. I took down my Christmas tree this morning and cleared away the cobwebs (metaphorical and real). 

My head got a little bit clouded over the Christmas period. I love being at home and getting cosy, I'm the first to jump at a lazy pyjama day. But sometimes, without a routine, I can find myself slipping into a haze of nothingness boarding on depression. If I don't kick myself into action I eventually realise I haven't really done anything for days on end and I haven't seen the world outside. 

I don't know about you, but for my mental health this doesn't sit well. 

Last month I started this 'Go Wildly and Slow' monthly instalment as much to encourage myself as anyone reading my posts. And it went quite well, I lit my candles most evenings and loved the atmosphere it created. It makes such a big difference and is so worth it. I failed at getting outside every day but I did get out more than usual. I had baths, I love baths. And I wrote some letters/cards but have yet to send them (who has time to go to the post office!!) I'll send them soon!

With January being very much here and sure to fly by just as fast I'm keeping my promises for this month simple. Just a couple of ideas of how we can all go wildly & slow this month to start the new year as we intend to go on.

 Forest walk at Bewl Water, Kent, England

Forest walk at Bewl Water, Kent, England

Go Slow

Set aside time to focus on the year ahead and the areas you want to see growth in your life.

It's not as snappy as 'new year's resolutions' but I think it's more true to what I find helpful. The last few years I have spent time at the beginning of the year thinking of a few things I'm hoping to leave behind and a few things I'm hoping to bring with me from the year before and the main areas of my life I want to focus on and see growth in as the year progresses. So far for me that looks like this:

  • I want to hold onto the space I've found for being creative, partly inspired by the Instagram community and my burning need for more of it in my life!
  • I want to leave behind procrastination and self-doubt (just little things really).
  • There are lots of areas I want to see growth but especially I'd like to see it in this blog and my social media platforms.

Now I need to spend some more time breaking down these HUGE goals and making them a reality.

go wildly

Have an adventure

That's it. It's really simple but that's the beauty of it. Whatever that looks like for you, start the year with an adventure. I want/need adventure in my life otherwise I start to feel a little bit crazy and the monotony of life feels like it's taking root. 

Join me in sharing your Go Wildly & Slow moments this month with #gowildlyandslow on Instagram. 

N x



Go Wildly & Slow - December

Do you ever do that thing where you remember song lyrics completely wrong? I always just make up lyrics that don't make any sense. Today with The Staves album Dead & Born & Grown playing in the background as I work I realised that for years I've thought their song Go Wisely & Slow was 'Go Wildly and Slow'.

Well, it was a happy accident as it gave me the idea to do a monthly feature with the small ways I'm keeping a little bit of wild and a little bit of slow in my life. I hope it will help to spark some inspiration for you to go wildly & slow this month. 

Go wildly & Slow (1).png

I think December can be a pretty hectic month. All the Christmas madness and all the family. Trying to cram in social gatherings before everyone shuts down for the festive period. And the pressure to buy buy buy. If you're anything like me that can take its toll and cause you to go a little bit crazy. I've been trying to think of ways to ensure I don't forget to slow down and enjoy the month before it disappears. 

Here are some of the promises I'm making to myself this month to go slow and keep a touch of adventure in the air.

Go Slow

  • Get outside -  Each morning and take ten quiet minutes to yourself 
  • Have a long candlelit bath - I'm lucky to have a proper bath at home a luxury I don't take advantage of enough. That's changing this month
  • Light candles - I always forget how happy they make me. 
  • Write letters - Inspired by Simple & Season's post about writing letters I'll be writing some Christmas letters to friends far away.

Go Wildly 

With pretty much my whole family heading off to South Africa this month and leaving me to look after the cat there are no wild travelling plans in the pipeline for me. But I still want to keep the spirit of adventure alive. 

I'm planning a few weekend day trips into the wild to keep my travel urges at bay. I'll be posting about them in the coming weeks so if you're a Londoner look out for them.

I'll also be going out foraging for natural Christmas decorations. There are so many exciting things you can make with things found in your local park. This year, I definitely didn't get my act together in time to make one of those lovely natural advent calendars, there's always next year (tbh, advent calendars have never been a thing in my family, but new traditions are exciting).

If you've got any genius tips for natural/ethical Christmas decorations I'd love to hear about them in the comments or through the internets.

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