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Its great to have you here.

If you're interested in slow living, traveling off the beaten path, and living an ethical life entwined with adventure and discovery then please stick around.


I'm documenting my journey towards a slower, less stressed, more mindful life. An endeavour to take the time to notice the small moments in life. The time to travel and wander. The time to be quiet and still in an ever more hectic world.

You'll find:

Posts about living slowly in a bustling city like London.

Travel stories and photos from places near and far.  

Every now and then I might throw in a recipe to take with you on a weekend picnic. 

There'll be reviews of products and places I love and think you'll love too. 

Have a look around let me know if you like it!

Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more holistic sense of well-being in the fullest sense of the word. In addition to the personal advantages, there are potential environmental benefits as well. When we slow down, we often use fewer resources and produce less waste, both of which have a lighter impact on the earth.
— Beth Meredith / Eric Storm

Who am I?

I'm Nonki, South Londoner through and through with a passionate desire to explore the world both near and far. I've been travelling since I was 18 in a style that I can only describe as WILD. I've always had a desire to live an ethically conscious, authentic life. Growing up I was always taught to value people, moments and stories over things and status and that fed into the way I live and travel.

I recently got my first "normal job" and it knocked me out. After a few months I remembered that for me it's so important to have the freedom and flexibility to slow down and do things at my own pace. 

I remembered that "busyness" isn't the goal in life and that I don't want my life to revolve around work.

I also realised I despise getting on the tube at rush hour.

So now I'm experimenting with living an alternative lifestyle in a city so consumed with being busy. 

Join me as I take on this new adventure. 


Most of the photos on this site are taken by me (often with an analog Canon AE1) unless otherwise stated. Some (Like the one of me up at the top) are taken by the wonderful Nikolai Boyce.