I’m Nonki Azariah, photographer, traveller, wife and nature lover.

I’m a self taught photographer.

I’ve always had a fascination with photography, I first picked up a camera when I was barely 5, I remember I would walk around with my mother’s old SLR slung round my neck endlessly gazing through the view finder, enraptured by the sound of the shutter and the winding on of the none existent film. Years later when I spent a year at a boarding school were we were given pretty free reign to lead our own study time I found a fully equipped little-used darkroom hidden at the back of the art barn and I would spend endless hours locked in developing films I had shot on a Canon AE1 I bought off of E-bay and quickly fell in love with.

After I left school and no longer had access to a dark room I tried to take up digital photography but never clicked with the format and missed the mystery that came with film. Eventually when I went to university I put down my camera entirely and took up the more ‘serious’ pursuit of a degree in global politics! Soon after I left uni I realised that I hadn’t ever wanter a career in politics, all I had ever really wanted was to travel and see the world.

I picked up my camera again when I was travelling in Peru and Colombia in 2015 and remembered how much I loved seeing the world through a viewfinder and capturing moments that when looking back on the photos can evoke emotions from a space and time so beautifully.

Eventually, I found a way of working with digital that feels reminiscent of the thoughtful way film forces you to work.

So, here I am finally embracing photographer as part of my identity, creating images that speak of moments of calm and encourage the viewer to slow down.


If you’re interested in hiring me for a photography project get in touch with me directly at nonki.azariah@gmail.com